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  • Patrick Aspiring young musicians would often come up to the band and let them know that they were the reason for starting their own bands. Before they knew it, had not only garnered an impressive following but also a slew of Juno Best New Group, Group of the Year, and Album of the Year and MuchMusic Best Video, Best Rock Video awards to their name.
  • Devon While opening for at Toronto's Rogers Centre that summer, joined his bandmates to play two songs, though they continued to tour over the next two years with behind the throne. Other songs were sonic builds.
Ryan Watoosh! : Billy Talent
  • Roscoe Solowoniuk suffered multiple injuries, including a broken rib, after being sideswiped by a boat. Every song had its own theme and sound and several musical styles were messed with.
  • Kris The band was forced to cancel a show at Toronto's Lee's Palace while Solowoniuk recovered, but luckily he was able to get back behind the drum kit after only a short time off. A year later the band went in and recorded four more tunes live off the floor and re-released this tape.
  • Ed Every high school kid in the Mississauga area knew of Pezz and the now legendary shows they were playing. In February 2012, Billy Talent drummer Aaron Solowoniuk underwent open heart surgery to repair a leaky aortic valve.
  • Romeo Most songs were catchy and angst-ridden why-did-you-break-up-with-me four minute pop punk anthems. The American Pezz sent documentation proving they had been using the Pezz moniker legally since 1989, so the Canadian Pezz was forced to change their name.
Caleb Billy Talent
  • Omar Ben actually started singing, as did Ian, creating unique harmonies accented by the loud rock sound that the band was pumping out. It was the success of this show that inspired them to make their first tape.
  • Melvin With the help of friends, family and other band members the first independent rock show was a success; a hit with all the kids. Two years later, the band released their third studio album, the aptly titled.
Dewey Billy Talent (album)
  • ArronThat includes stealing hundreds of used milk crates to build a stage or plastering the streets with fliers designed by Ian or me announcing upcoming shows. I am proud to call each member my friend and even more proud to of been a part of their career since its inception back in high school.
  • Dudley Billy Talent has been my favorite band since day two.
Dusty Billy Talent (Pezz)
  • Emile The group got the word out during that summer with a slot on Lollapalooza and a series of dates with.
Chance Billy Talent (album)
  • Barton I knew then what you know now and I will never forget that day for as long as I live. The kids were ready for something new and something groovy.
  • Marco Fellow Canadian was quickly recruited to play as 's studio stand-in, and in early 2016 the group completed work on , which was released that July. Hear what I have to say Just hear what I have to say Hear what I have to say Just hear what I have to say Hear what I have to: X3 : A psycho killer, well qu'est ce que c'est? The Canadian Pezz threatened to sue the American band for thousands of dollars if they didn't change their name, but their plan backfired.
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  • Cameron Now out of high school some went to college and some went to work.
  • Hal The album was in Canada in January 2007. The film was created to mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of the National Parks system of Canada and involved different filmmakers musicians going to one National Park in each Canadian province to shoot a short documentary and score for that park.
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  • Wallace In 2012, they released the album. It was Billy Talent without direction.