Cocktail bars in kaiserslautern. The best cocktail bars in KL

Alfonzo Nightlife in Kaiserslautern
  • Alton See it on two wheels and in the saddle.
  • Jack If you like hiking you are set. Dips were a little strange but the chips were very tasty by themselves.
Milford Maruoka Hookah Lounge & Cocktail Bar & Beer Garden
  • Noe I want to buy the tickets as I don't want anything for free, but I do want good seats for my husband.
  • Derek The Wallberg Hut specialty is high quality grilled pork steaks. France is 40 minutes away and offers a different shopping experience grocery-wise for the variety of cheeses and fresh seafood.
Barney Local Secrets
  • Leland But you will probably be too busy shopping to notice it. We highly recommend this place! The food at the end of the day tastes exquisite — after all you will have earned it! Please Enter Password Password Should Be 8-16 Characters Long, Alphanumeric With One Special Character Password Should Not Be More Than 50 Characters Please Check Email Address And Try Again Error! All in all a fantastic place to shop and go out at night, there is plenty happening on weeknights as well as weekends.
  • Ervin Though it may not be known to many Americans, the atmosphere and music will make you feel like you are at a lounge in a swanky big city.
Angela Rooftop bars in KL
  • Karl Not only that but your efforts will be rewarded in the form of a fantastic restaurant that serves excellent German cuisine.
  • Tim Address: Schillerstrasse 10 67655 Kaiserslautern Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 3 p. They also have an interesting take on Frosé white wine, jasmine cordial, dry vermouth and shiso , as well as cocktails made with roasted matcha, chocolate milk, tonka bean-infused white wine, plum wine and more.
Forest Nightlife in Kaiserslautern
  • Garland It's in the same ballpark as say Heilbronn, Pforzheim, Würzburg.
  • Edwardo Situated on Bahnheim Strasse, this restaurant and beer garden not just prides in some toothsome preparations, but also a fine selection of local brews. In the summer the beer garden is a fantastic way to waste an afternoon in the sun.
Randolph Local Secrets
  • Colin The playfulness of the bar really comes through in the second half of the menu, where classic cocktails are reinterpreted with unusual ingredients such as banana beer, black pepper syrup and edible paper planes.
Ollie THE BEST Bars & Pubs in Kaiserslautern
  • Benjamin Große U-Bahn-marokkanischen Stil Hookah Lounge mit Cocktailbar und voller Biergarten. Here, classic cocktails are reimagined with Asian twists and flavours.
  • Joseph She also got pollo tacos that were delicious. The food is okay as long as you don't expect north American Mexican food.
Scotty Maruoka Hookah Lounge & Cocktail Bar & Beer Garden
  • Gilbert You Have Been Successfully Unsubscribed From The Newsletter. There may only be 12 cocktails on the menu, but they are a showcase of the latest trends in mixology: The drinks are made with craft spirits, and they feature house-made syrups, edible garnishes and dehydrated fruits.
  • Fred A hub for the night owls of the city, the club is almost always packed with youngsters dressed to impress. In the heart of the small town of Siegelbach, Zur Feiermaus welcomes gourmands to relish staple local fare in an intimate setting.
Micah Kaiserslautern
  • Ernie In the large park there is a small zoo with penguins easily the most popular attraction , a farm zoo, a tropical butterfly house, a terrarium, a lake with automated gondolas no effort required , huge open spaces for kids to run around in and not least, a beautiful Chinese Tea House situated in the middle of a Koi-carp pond. Please do get in touch if you would like to join me for some road rides.