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  • Beau Jedneho dna sa na neho obrati skepticka detektivka Angela Weisz s prosbou o pomoc pri objasneni mysterioznej smrti jej sestry dvojicky. Frend, The Donatist Church Oxford 1952, 1976, and 1985.
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  • Stephen Galletier has prompted a number of scholars to conclude that Constantius and Theodora were married already by 289.
  • Mary Some involvement of in this family tragedy cannot be excluded, but there is no reason to shift the responsibility from Constantine to her. This, in turn, has been challenged by Hans A.
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  • Cary It would be a mistake to interpret this as a lack of sincerity or commitment; in the fourth and fifth centuries Christians often delayed their baptisms until late in life.
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  • RomeoTwenty-five years later Eusebius gives us a far different, more elaborate, and less convincing account in his Life of Constantine. The soldiers at once proclaimed him Augustus; Constantine henceforth observed this day as his dies imperii.
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  • Oscar The Conflict with Licinius The ultimate goal pursued by both Constantine and was sole power.
  • Tad Když už je navíc takřka odsouzen k věčnému životu v pekle, ztratí zájem o vymítání všech posluhovačů ďábla na Zemi.
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  • Sharon For the sources and further literature see Hans A.
  • Gary Constantine and Licinius granted freedom of worship to all, including Christians.
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  • Luciano Either way provides longlasting protection.
  • Sang The New Rome During the First Tetrarchy Trier, Milan, Thessalonike, and Nicomedia had served as imperial residences, and the importance of Rome as a center of government had thus been considerably reduced.
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  • Alejandro He campaigned successfully in 306-308 and 314-15 on the German frontier, in 332 against the Goths, in 334 against the Sarmatians, and in 336 again on the Danube frontier.
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  • Fernando Dar Constantine nu este un sfânt.
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  • Heath Jedného dňa sa na neho obráti skeptická detektívka Angela Weisz s prosbou o pomoc pri objasnení mysterióznej smrti jej sestry dvojičky.