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  • Thurman Ardashīr was the son of , who was the son or descendant of and was a vassal of the chief petty in Persis,.
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  • Troyმათ აერთიანებთ შიშის მომგვრელი ადგილი, სადაც ისინი პირველი შეხედვიდან სულელური ინციდენტის შემდეგ აღმოჩნდნენ, რომელიც მათ ჯერ კიდევ სკოლაში გადახდათ თავს.
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  • Steven Ardashīr I, flourished 3rd century , the founder of the empire in ancient reigned ad 224—241.
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  • Robin Protocol for: Hussain M, Fizazi K, Saad F, et al. Having suppressed a revolt in Dārābgerd, he gradually conquered the neighbouring province of and the coastal lands.
  • Jamaal Ardashīr made the state , and he and his priest are credited with collecting the holy texts and establishing a unified doctrine.
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  • Ian ტეხასის მიყრუებულ პატარა ქალაქში ყველაფერი ისე არ არის, როგორც ერთი შეხედვით ჩანს. მიდნაითში სხვადასხვა არსებები ცხოვრობენ — ვამპირები, მაქციები, ალქაჯები, მედიუმები და ა.
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  • Seth ბათუმის ბოტანილურ ბაღში ხომ არ არის? Whether there was input from Citroën is not clear; indeed the fact that in 1973 Citroën brought three bodies to France from Vietnam and analysed the design would suggest not.
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  • Quinton The sole example was sent to Citroën for study.
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  • Refugio Because of the artisanal nature of the vehicle's construction and problems with obtaining components, a number of modifications were frequently made locally which resulted in changes in appearance.
  • Lee It is believed that more than 5,000 examples were built between 1970 and the fall of Saigon in 1975 although Citroën's records indicate that the number was 2,895 with 30 being built in 1985. Hussain M, Fizazi K, Saad F, et al.
Major Citroën Baby Brousse
  • Cedric ქაღალდის ტიპის მიხედვით : А3, А4, А5 და А6. Withdrawing again to Persis, he met the Parthian army at site unknown in ad 224 and won a decisive victory, slaying Artabanus.
  • Trey The was very similar in concept to the Baby Brousse and can be recognised by its square grille and Dyane headlights. Ischemic events led to death in 0.
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  • Stephen Namco, the Greek Citroën concessionaire assembled a vehicle called in a factory constructed specifically for the purpose in Thessalonika. It is believed that about 500 examples were built although Citroën's records indicate that the number was 60 with 15 s.
  • Alan It is not known whether they were aware of Delignon's proposal but geography and being members of the same expatriate community would suggest that they were.