Epunzeson: 2019. The Hazel Wood

Jessica The Hazel Wood
  • Leo. On Monday 2 September a number of tutorials will be organised and several technical visits are planned on Friday 6 September.
  • Brooks Enjoy a blend of traditional and contemporary Irish music on the stage in The Hazel Wood on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The Power Electronics community will gather in Genova, Italy, from 2 to 5 September 2019, to exchange views on research progresses and technological developments in the various topics of power electronics and its related applications.
Matt The Hazel Wood
  • Delmar There will be service provided through Irish at the café and bar, as well as bilingual signposting in this beautifully decorated and atmospheric part of the woods. Set in a secluded woodland haven amongst a circle of traditional horse-drawn caravans, centred around a crackling campfire and adorned with a beautiful array of visual art, The Hazel Wood is a sanctuary where you can exhale, unwind and lose yourself amongst the wonder of it all.
Brenton The Hazel Wood
  • SalAs well as music and dance on the mainstage, attendees will enjoy storytelling, poetry and sean-nós singing as they warm themselves by one of the only two bonfires on site at Electric Picnic.
Stanley The Hazel Wood
  • Julian It will take place in Genova, Italy.
  • Julio.
Ignacio The Hazel Wood
  • Jamaal. .
Woodrow The Hazel Wood
  • Josef.
  • Lucien. .
Cleo The Hazel Wood
  • Ismael. .
Herschel The Hazel Wood
  • Harlan.
  • Kenny.
Keith The Hazel Wood
  • Stanley.
Salvador The Hazel Wood
  • Rico. .
  • Doug.