Fighter girl. It's A Girl Fight.

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  • Debra Thanks to many people,women have come a long way and you will find us fighting right along side the men in our rightful place. In addition to the marvelous performances, the makeup department has done a remarkable job, especially by making Leo look old enough to play Bale and Wahlberg's mother.
  • Emil It was a competitive and high-paced five-round battle that ended in a split decision favoring the Chinese champion.
Marcus Amanda Nunes announces she won’t fight at May 9 UFC event
  • Major Boxing is clearly a metaphor as is the title which has multiple meanings. Mark Wahlberg is superly restrained and Christian Bale does one of his best works of his entire career.
  • Bret So they need this big-money fight.
Linwood The Fighter (2010)
  • Maurice From the opening sequence, I was under the impression that 'The Fighter' was going to be a documentary-type movie but O. The answer is yes but 'The Fighter' still manages to maintain a unique quality.
Francis Mason Jennings
  • Hector Even though he's been constantly let down by his family, Micky chose to give them a second chance and have them by his side.
Bill How to Fight (Girls): 14 Steps (with Pictures)
  • Wm Both Melissa Leo and Amy Adams are like you've never seen them before and they appear very natural on screen. Bale actually does look years older than Wahlberg when in reality he's a year younger and that just adds more to the authenticity.
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  • Lane People love watching … only big things, only big things. The promotion currently plans on hosting an event on May 9 in a location yet to be announced, but things can change in the uncertain climate.
  • Bill.
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  • Gerald She also thought she did enough to get the win.
  • Jean Seven talented female fighters from all over the United States are chosen to come to Las Vegas and train in the ancient art of Thai boxing with Muay Thai guru Master Toddy.
  • Dave They are supported by a host of impressive actors. But only three reach the ultimate goal of traveling to Thailand to fight for the championship against the best fighters on earth.
  • Leopoldo But I feel so sorry for the rest of the athletes. They are wonderfully defined and the actors who portray them are cast against type and turn in their finest performance.