Grindr xtra free trial cancel. How to delete a Grindr account permanently?

Jan 3 Ways to Delete a Grindr Account
  • Elvis They worked just fine at the beggining and then didnt work anymore, anyone knows a solution for this? Thanks for your help in advance.
  • Robt I've not come across the survey monkey issue.
Bryce 3 Ways to Delete a Grindr Account
  • Emmett It's not working for me By zack 7th Dec 2015 16:53 the cascade limit part works for me. By Dale Hay 24th Nov 2014 00:22 This worked perfectly for me, thanks a lot! Otherwise I was getting subscription ended today.
  • Kristopher So please cancel the free trial account. Thanks By Ush 16th Feb 2017 14:55 Hello By Umit 4th May 2017 00:42 Anyone have the patch mentioned in earlier comments? By lonnie 14th Oct 2016 11:24 I was forced to update to the new Grindr been useing flex 2 trying to make a patch no luck! By Leo-23 8th Feb 2016 07:31 anything for android? Having to pay for push notifications.
Max 3 Ways to Delete a Grindr Account
  • Jonah If somebody know something, please share with this group. I use it a lot, and I have been vocal about how much I don't like it.
  • Merle Click the excitable, and process it. The only ways I know of to contact Apple are listed in the Contact Us link.
Thaddeus Made a mistake downloading Grindr Xtra, can't unsubscribe? : askgaybros
  • Karen This has now been corrected above.
Arnold How to delete a Grindr account permanently?
  • Ali Try that requesting a password change through email online.
  • Salvador Would love to see your reply thanks. By adam 19th Oct 2015 13:32 hey thre on ios 9.
Cary Accidentally signed up for Grindr Xtra : askgaybros
  • Karen All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the. This is not the first time I have sent a message and never received a reply back.
Damon Accidentally signed up for Grindr Xtra : askgaybros
  • Rocky Grindr loads then instantly switches screen to GrindrXtra. Seemed there was two for each value below so I added both to get in.
  • Julio Upvote what you want to see, downvote what you want to hide. On my device of course it was gone, but I controlled it on the device of my boyfriends cellphone and all messages and pictures were still visible, plus my Profilepic was still shown.
Grady Canceling grindr free trial
  • Robby You can manage your subscriptions at any time through your App Store account settings after purchase.
Kelvin 3 Ways to Delete a Grindr Account
  • Courtney I get the push notifications, extra guys load pardon the pun , and profile swipe. By Adam 20th Oct 2015 05:08 Can someone that has it working upload it to the flex cloud with the date labeled? By BornThisWay 27th Aug 2015 08:19 I have the latest version of grindr xtra, and some of the units above are not showing up when I search for them.
  • Scottie I forgot to mention my phone has been recently jbken and installed the free flex 2 on cydia. Most gay men use Grindr, right? Any-one else looking into it too? Most apps that I use that have in-app purchases have an option somewhere, usually in settings, to restore purchaases.
Delbert I Paid For Grindr Xtra For A Month. Was It Worth It?
  • Jack Making me so sad : By Adam 8th Dec 2014 01:43 Hmm, that's strange.
Dennis [iPhone] Grindr Xtra for Free
  • William Apart from that it seems like the number of people i can reach ks like max 10-12 km from where i am.
Ryan Made a mistake downloading Grindr Xtra, can't unsubscribe? : askgaybros
  • Dane The other option is install GrindrXtra from app store or appcake- you naughty boys where push is an active part of the subscription, and even if the subscription has run out, push will reactivate when this tweak is applied.