Hajia for real and kenpong. Life After Kenpong Ditched Mona Aka Hajia4Real (PHOTOS)

Percy Kenpong Mediates In Hajia Fati’s Trial
  • Solomon This is a woman who is just simply popular for noo special reason except for the fact that, every man would kill to date her. From the beginning, I knew this girl was a fraud who doesn't care about the feeling of another human being.
  • Norman Everstone sister called Fairuza would called and big telling me about all the shit that was going on. Everstone confirmed to me when I confronted him about Mona and from that day, Mona and I became swan enemies.
Irwin Rumour Blog: Kenpong & Mona ‘Hajia4Real’ Break Up
  • Levi She is a good friend who takes very good care of me when i am in the States.
  • JonasMona is a very big criminal, a liar and someone who has no sympathy for people. Mona is a disgrace to womanhood… people needs to know who sure is and they should look at our fight screenshots during those days and know that everything everstone said is true everstone has a fake sister in Chicago and she was the worst.
Quinn Kenpong's Ex Hajia 4 Real Now Into Music
  • Rigoberto He wakes up early morning and catch a flight to New York and then had to fly back again to Chicago on the same day in order to be with this girl. To start with, I am a french born Lebanese model and I met everstone sometime in 2009 when he visisted paris from New York.
  • Graham Since then she has gone on the low but what has changed is her profile on her Instagram page.
Rick Has Kenpong Broken Up With Mona (Hajia4Real)?
  • Freddie Then in the summer of 2010 I realize Everstone was sending a lot of money to Ghana.
Ken Kenpong Mediates In Hajia Fati’s Trial
  • Yong Hajia 4 Real Real name Mona Faiz Montrage, Hajia4Real is popular for the way she flaunts her expensive lifestyle on social media, and also for that nasty Amanda Acquah insult to Kenpong which had her in there.
Tracey REPORT: Kenpong & Mona ‘Hajia4Real’ Break Up
  • Fredrick No wonder she was insulting me from the beginning so that she could take him and scam him. There was a time when Everstone lives in Chicago and work in New York.
Grover REPORT: Kenpong & Mona ‘Hajia4Real’ Break Up
  • Norman I realized that his attitude towards our relationships changed and I was thinking that perhaps, he has a problem with his family.
Elizabeth Kenpong's Ex Hajia 4 Real Now Into Music
  • Taylor I want my daughter to grow up to be proud of a mother like me and not one that attracts unnecessary criticisms. Wale Thursday afternoon squashed rumours the two were love birds, insisting they were very good friends.
  • Hank So one day I was chatting with his sister I think her name was Fairuza mahama and she told me about the girl Mona. .
Scott REPORT: Kenpong & Mona ‘Hajia4Real’ Break Up
  • Edgar She was recently in the news when controversial and outspoken Dancehall artiste shatta Wale said Mona is a friend who looks out for his welfare.
  • Al And they started calling people back in Ghana framing stories about him. The baby daddy sitting on the left with Shatta Wale has been informed that, Hajia4Real is now pregnant and she will give birth to a baby girl in some few weeks time.
Stevie Kenpong’s ex Hajia 4 Real shops for me
  • Jefferson I have known him long before mona. He is the guy sitting by Shatta Wale in the photo below.
  • Mario According to the Hol it singer, Mona who spends most of her time in the United States of America, New York shops for him any time she is returning to Ghana. Full text of Nadia Buzaid below.
Mac REPORT: Kenpong & Mona ‘Hajia4Real’ Break Up
  • Chadwick Her name is Mona aka Hajia 4 real, she is the ex girlfriend of contractor and businessman Kennedy Adjapong also known as Kenpong.
  • Mohamed From what I later learnt, after they duped him from Chicago and they realize that he was getting wised up, then they started calling people to liar on him that he was an arm robber and that was the worst part of it all. We dated for a while in Paris before I decided to joint him in New York City.
Mervin Kenpong’s ex Hajia 4 Real shops for me
  • Wilfredo I have attached here, a screenshot of our fight on Facebook as you can see from the chat screen dated on July 2011.
  • Norman Its a shame because he told me he was only trying to help a poor girl. This is to show that Everstone is not lying and besides, he is a very reputable executive who supervise more than 1500 people in a multi-billion company.