Langoliers. Four past Midnight

Kent The Langoliers Full scifi movies 360p
  • Russ When they land in Bangor, the airport seems deserted, and without any power.
  • Desmond He flies through the rip and disappears. Shooter returns a few days later.
  • Leo It was several hours too long, very borrowed from various other sources, and pretty much a bust altogether.
Al The Langoliers
  • Rosario Albert subdues Craig and Nick ties him up after realizing the gun's bullets are similarly affected by the strange environment and thus harmless, to the point that a bullet essentially bounces off Albert without actually hurting him.
  • Willis As well, many shots can be established in real locations, but followed by filming on sets built to replicate parts of the real locations. They run happily through the airport, having returned to their world.
  • Errol Bob calls these creatures Langoliers, creatures that feed on time which has passed. Albert subdues Craig and leaves him badly injured on the airport floor.
  • Alton Engle takes control and lands the plane in for safety reasons, despite Toomey's protests.
Julie Urban Dictionary: Langolier
  • Cleo Personally I think or would like to believe they all survived but in another dimension probarly in the 4 or 5th dimension like with the Bermuda triangle which is very similar to the movie in relation to people disappearing without a trace.
Rubin The Langoliers (TV Mini
  • Debra A three-episode radio adaptation was broadcast in 2003 on starring , William Roberts, , and. As they turn to the west, the passengers watch the rest of the land below falling into a formless, black void.
  • Ty My question is what would have happened with the plane on the runway? As the aircraft heads for Los Angeles, they discuss their pasts. He discovers that there is something strange about the camera: the only pictures it produces are of a malicious black dog which seems to move closer with each shot as though to attack the photographer.
Rod The Langoliers
  • Floyd He manages to piece together the situation and provides many outrageous theories which come true for the most part, sometimes with his sidekick Albert's help. I think it is left up to one's imagination where the passengers disappeared too.
Pasquale The Langoliers Full scifi movies 360p
  • Ricardo When they try to contact the ground they make no connections.
Edwin The Langoliers Full scifi movies 360p
  • Emile In the meantime, Kevin is plagued by recurring about the dog.
  • Hugo The premise of the story is that the sleeping plane passengers were in an alternate timeline a few minutes out-of-sync with normal time; so, when they awoke, they were aware of a dead zone in the immediate past. In the epilogue, Kevin gets a computer for his following birthday.
Matthew The Langoliers Full scifi movies 360p
  • Aubrey However, the new Library Policeman is not just a recreation of the man from Sam's past, but also an embodiment of Ardelia, who wants Sam as her new host.
  • Sandy Although he is supposedly deceased during the events of the miniseries, he continues to torment Craig in hallucinations. In the past, the one tooth has forever passed their notch and they'll never be carried along in the flow of time again.
Dwight What does langoliers mean?
  • Chance Peebles is asked to give a speech to his local. Tom had not seen Shooter while driving by—-he saw Mort, by himself.