Mjoy16. www.businesslist.co.uk doesn't see my device

Gerry Fleet Management Software and Solutions
  • Waldo Or a good brand 270 degrees pot if prefer adjust elevator trim more fast that precise. I'm the one interested on this subject, so I'd appreciate your help.
Johnathon Best value I2c
  • Moses Do you can suggest me a kind of rotary encoder? Any information or recommendations will be gratefully recieved. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Damian mjoy16
  • Royce You need to conect the encoders to the proper button pair,not every combination will work,like 22+23 for example.
  • Andrew Push-in terminals for all connections - No soldering or screw driving.
Thanh Mjoy16 USB
  • Augustine Thanks Sokol, I buy a rotary encoder 24 pulse on ebay.
Rodrick Throttle Boeing 737 NG V3.5
  • Gale I have already a couple of ideas.
  • Richie I used a Handwheel with 100mm Diameter used on machines.
Kenton BU0836X 12
  • Antonio I found one some time ago,it was like 15 Euros+shipping and in great condition.
Manuel FSUIPC / MJoy16 input card compatibility
  • Woodrow As I understand it, the way to go is to adapt hiddemo.
Tomas FSUIPC / MJoy16 input card compatibility
  • Blaine I use Encoders for all three Trims. Many thanks in advance for all your help.
  • Nigel Offer valid through May 31, 2020 or while supplies last.
Paul Mjoy16 or Leo Bodnar?
  • Jesse Also it's better to have some kind of bearing to not put too much stress on the encoder itself. For elevator trim - in planes that allow set in axis, maybe a 3 or 5 turn potentiometer allow more fine adjust.
  • Felipe I am thinking of building one of them, but have noticed a problem.
Darryl MJoy16
  • Eugene There is a dropdown menu at the bottom in the config software. The idea is though the rotary switch state on or off send the code expected by Encoder software 1 and 0 , so this diferentiate if rotary swtich is turn clockwise and counterclockwise.
Dean BU0836X 12
  • Sherman First, I do not know anything about electronics so forgive my ignorance.
  • Everette Souhaitez-vous voir la version de ce site pour votre pays? Before I used a 10 turn pot in Pitch,but BoS doesn't allow axis in all planes.
Loren Fleet Management Software and Solutions
  • Brice It converts them to keypresses, so, effectively, that's what you have to use. Hi Pirato, today should arrive the encoder.