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Ira BMW N54 Upgraded Twin Turbo Guide
  • Reynaldo They offer a good selection of turbo options from both Garrett and Precision.
  • Jarrett Most importantly, have some fun. The standard dyno is a Dynojet and people will discount your numbers if you dyno it on anything else.
Terry Motiv Based RHD N54 & N55 Single Turbo Kit
  • Carmen This is not a good area to run rubber hose like some systems do. The biggest catch is boost threshold.
  • Elton This is going to be done with regular 93 oct and no need for e-85. Precision Turbos 6266 or 6466 are common N54 single turbos.
Harvey MOTIV Motorsport
  • Lucio It will compensate for all variables and conditions keeping your boost on target at all times.
Milton MOTIV Single Turbo Kit
  • Jonas Single turbos, especially large single turbo options, introduce even more lag. As your power goals increase, so do costs.
  • Milo The kit includes almost everything you need to convert to single turbo! It simply is relocated to the firewall, if you need photos, please let us know and we can send you exactly how we have ours mounted.
German N54 Single Turbo Manifold
  • Bruce N54 Twin Scroll Single Turbos We recommend checking it out if you are unfamiliar with the design and benefits of a twin scroll turbo. Focusing on creating efficient and power output we will use your logs and dyno plots to dial in your vehicle as precisely as possible.
  • Carlton Get used to downshifting and keeping revs a bit higher. Follow us on instagram, On3Performance is our user account, that is where all the sneak peaks happen.
  • Stacey Schedule 10 Stainless Fully back purged T4 divided manifold. Options for the N54 include the 6465R and 6765R.
Jerrod BMW N54 Upgraded Twin Turbo Guide
  • Damion With the design it is capable of producing well beyond 1000hp for anyone looking to really push the limits of this platform. Similar to above, larger turbos generally take longer to spool.
  • Miles The single turbo N54 above is going to be a faster car, however, the twin turbo setup will provide in our opinion a more fun daily driver.
Clarence Motiv Based RHD N54 & N55 Single Turbo Kit
  • Norris Most of the single top mount kits also require you to modify the factory coolant line as its routed through the same area where the factory turbos are.
  • Denis If you want to run an aggressive twin turbo setup you may be best off building the motor.
Beau BMW N54 Single Turbo Guide for 135i 335i
  • Terrell Upgraded Twin Turbos vs Single Turbo We will expand on this once we release our single turbo guide and roll everything into one holistic article. So if they want to fire a setup over for us to test and post with, Im all about it.
Judson FIRST DRIVE in my Motiv Single Turbo 135i!
  • Tyson Further development is always in the works and it will only get even better from here! An important take away is this — all else equal, a larger turbo flows more air on the top-end and results in more power.
  • Morton The point we are making is this: often times when people cite turbo lag, they are really referring to boost thresholds.
Antone FIRST DRIVE in my Motiv Single Turbo 135i!
  • Clinton In general, twin turbos are tougher on the N54.
  • Nestor Rather due to the extensive time, tuning, mods, barriers, etc required to accomplish such a feat. Group Buy pricing: Option A: BoostBox………………………………………………………….
Donny BoostAddict
  • Dante Our short runner, bottom mount stainless steel exhaust manifold provides amazing low end drivability while making minimal sacrifices on flow for top end power. Final Thoughts on 450-550whp Single Turbos There are a few other solid options out there for 450-550whp goals.
  • Vincent The key phrase is all else equal.