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  • Luke It is much more tolerant to rough treatment. Share your Builds hlsat will surely like to see what you have build from his plans.
Clark Dub Jett Pylon Racing Engines
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Damian Dub Jett Pylon Racing Engines
  • Luciano Pricing: We charge by print length 914mm or 91,4cm or 36in. One of our most popular designs! These inserts fit the mold recess on the back side of the props, so the drilled or reamed holes do not matter.
  • Buford Post a building log at the forum and receive a free printed plan.
  • Trevor If you still receive a plan you don´t like we can accept it back if it is in good conditions but we will not refund the postage from the initial order, you will have to pay the postage to return the plan to us and a 30% re-stock fee will be applied so please, in doubt, please for an opinion.
  • Landon The Quik-V6 Q500's all-white finish makes it easy to create a custom trim scheme to suit your preferences.
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  • Yong This decision was made as this is an entry level class and once any modifications are allowed, then things gets out of hand to the detriment of the class.
William Classic Quickie 500 Pylon Racer Plans and Templates 50ws
  • Rodney I have not found any foam that it will bother. If you have plans that are not here please upload them, so others can build from them.
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  • Noe You must also fill the tank before the filter. Also, I am going to try a new scoring system for next year unless anyone has any major objections.
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  • Anton Ordering Prints This tool allows you to calculate the cost of printing and shipping the Seeker Quickie 500 Pylon Racer plans and its building article if available.
Guadalupe Classic Quickie 500 Pylon Racer Plans and Templates 50ws
  • Bobby The high quality epoxy-glass and Kevelar fuselage features a molded in V-tail saddle, making V-tail installation a breeze. Photos are attached of engines and component parts for your review.
Armand How To: Pylon Racing with RCTV
  • Shane Basic Kit Includes : epoxy-glass fuselage, foam wing cores, and plans.
  • Russ The system will try to fit a plan in the 91,4cm of the printer width in order to reduce the costs or print length to the maximum. So far this airplane meets my needs and fly's great.
  • Kirk Integral Spinner pictured and Remote Needle Valve assembly are not included and can be selected as optional accessories to suit your specific aircraft.
  • Justin Quick and easy to build, and a joy to fly. When you use these inserts, your racing propellers will be in balance.
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  • Michel The Zoomer is available with your choice of wing! Radio Control Sport Q500 Sport No strings attached. Tiny little things in your fuel system can mess up your whole weekend.