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  • Burton It is typically decorated with elaborate cut glass detail.
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  • Jeffery Different types of collectable decanters Collectable decanters made from clear glass are available in a wide variety of different styles, shapes and sizes. Each vintage rating consists of three components: The score indicates the general quality of the wines; the description sums up the growing season and the wines' character; the drink recommendation suggests when the wines will be at their best.
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  • Claudio Check out decorative glass decanters with unusual shapes or patterns.
  • Newton A bulbous, frosted glass decanter with accompanying stemware showcases the delicate, streamlined design. Decanter labels are usually silver plated and hang from a chain around the decanters neck.
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  • Mariano This classic decanter design boasts a rounded flat bottom, slender neck and globe shaped stopper. They make for an elegant glassware collection.
  • Irvin Many of the elegant feature decorative silver plated metal pourers and handles. Glass artists, liquor manufacturers and other companies have produced special edition decanters throughout the years that currently command interest as antiques and vintage collectors items.
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  • Stevie In the United States, however, the oldest bottles were actually ceramic vessels produced by indigenous groups. They also help collectors determine when their wines will be drinking well.
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  • Steven American whiskey decanters often sported etchings or paintings of nature scenes, such as the grouse picture on a Cabin Still whiskey decanter from the 1960's.
  • Franklin Many were originally made as containers for whiskey.
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  • Prince They played a significant role at mealtime in medieval households.
  • Ben They also can be used to serve alcoholic drinks in style. Allow the wine to sit for 20 to 30 minutes before you serve your guests.
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  • Reid Europeans brought their knowledge of glassmaking to North America and began crafting their own glass bottles in the mid-17th century.
Lawrence How to Identify Genuine Antique Decanters
  • Jeffry The benefits of serving wine in decanters Decanters create an elegant and sophisticated display for a dresser or cabinet. Hard wearing enamel was also used for decorating stylish vintage decanter labels.
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  • Harold Like modern , ancient bottles relied on three basic ingredients: Sand or silica, sodium carbonate, and lime, also known as calcium oxide.