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  • Hung On 19 May 2008, Hucknall released his first solo album,.
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  • Teddy Romy was born in July 2007 and the tot has bright ginger hair - just like dad.
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  • Sheldon Singer Mick Hucknall of the British band Simply Red performs on stage of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany, 03 November 2015.
  • Julian The 54-year-old The Mirror that the condition had left him permanently exhausted as well as depressed and overweight.
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  • Osvaldo The group moved to the more relaxed surroundings of Venice to resume recording in the Condulmer Studios.
  • Millard Rather Simply Red was perceived as the music project of Hucknall.
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  • Dean Simply Red: The Official Story.
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  • Shannon He was brought up in Denton by his father Reginald 1935—2009 , a barber in Stockport It wasn't until the mid-1990s that he reconnected with his mother Maureen, who was by then living in Dallas.
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  • Leonard More about the relationship Hucknall is a married man and was married to Gabriella Wesberry in 2010.
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  • Marshall So, compared to a lot of people, I learned a broader idea of the female psyche and maybe I really learned what women are truly like. Mick Hucknall announced his intention to split the band in 2010; following which the band embarked on a farewell tour which commenced during 2009 and 2010.
  • Fredrick The initial Simply Red line-up consisted of Mick Hucknall vocals , David Fryman guitar , bass , keyboards and vocals , brass and live backing vocals and drums. Hucknall, 48, was seen passionately kissing his girlfriend Gabriella Wesberry on the streets of Paris during a romantic break.
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  • Ahmad Instead he's eased Simply Red down a couple of gears into a more relaxed and flowing style which owes as much towards current -inspired club rhythms as it does to old-style soul or. This is a pleasant album, the sleeve is pretty, and now, at least, you've got a Christmas present for Gran.
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