Schwalbe tyrago 37 622. Schwalbe Land Cruiser Tyre 700x35c

Noe 700x35c Schwalbe Tyrago Bike Tyre 37
  • Marcos So all seemed well, but I went down very heavily after the front tyre hit a small bit of mud at slow speed in Autumn - no grip at all for sideways movement of the tyre.
Wilburn reviews: Schwalbe Tyrago 700X35C Wired Tyre with Puncture Protection Reflective S/Wall 640g (37
  • Maria A színek széles választéka teheti egyedivé a kerékpárodat. What these tests do point out is that the cross-over point where the bigger tires perform better moves up to a higher air pressure.
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  • Dan Because the Marathon is such a popular tire, I've also tested the 32-622, 40-622, and 47-622 sizes of the Marathon to find out if bigger is better.
Lisa Schwalbe Land Cruiser Tyre 700x35c
  • Melvin The tire width is measured at the widest point, i.
Philip 700x35c Schwalbe Tyrago Bike Tyre 37
  • Roland I've performed these test only with the 37, 40, and 47 mm Marathon because the 32 is much slower anyway. A bit too worn at the end of last winter to use for a second season.
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  • Joshua And a recently fitted tire still widens over time. It has a low rolling resistance along with good handling and offers adequate grip in the corners.
  • Stephanie When used with a 19 or 21 mm rim, the bigger sizes probably come a bit closer to their rated size as well.
Terrence Schwalbe Marathon 32, 37, 40, 47 Comparison
  • James And almost all other Schwalbe tires have an integrated puncture protection belt. Let's talk about the 32 mm version of the Marathon first as it stands out in a negative way in the rolling resistance test.
  • Adolfo That reduces the tire widening after the fitting.
Harrison Marathon, 37
  • Lon After testing this tire, I decided to inspect the 32-622 Marathon a bit closer and there are some obvious differences between the 32 and its bigger brothers. This strategy proved to be absolutely right: When Schwalbe launched the first off-road tires in the mid-nineties, the firm quickly became known as the best brand among mountain bikers.
Kim Schwalbe Tyrago K
  • Amanda Like many others have already commented, I too have overtaken a load of road bikes in autumn using these, to my surprise.
  • Micheal The result of this is that 3 out of the 4 tires have a weight that comes very close to the specified weight.