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  • Aron In addition, if you use your standard keyboard for typing stuff which I guess you do because it's the default then you're safe because of Apple's sandboxing. What it means: The tongue could be a signal that you're being silly, but it usually indicates that something tastes good or that you're thirsty for someone or something.
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  • Peter All popular websites and applications allow using emoji among with emoticons.
  • Kevin I agree with every word you wrote about privacy.
Andre The pervert's guide to emoji
  • Roland Also, you can't just add one of these to a text that you're already typing, you have to start with the emoji, then add text to it.
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  • JeffersonThe only reason I can see why people install this app is for lack of intelligence. Other galleries require In-App Purchase to unlock.
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Blake Adult Emojis That Are Perfect For Sexual Situations
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  • Elbert After all, there are hundreds of innocent emojis at your disposal, just waiting for you to have a quasi-perverted lightbulb moment and turn them into something dirty.