She hurt me. I'm afraid of getting hurt by her. She hurts me again and again, but still I'm worrying about her and I want to talk to her even though I know that she doesn't love me. What do I do?

Chadwick Why is she hurting me on purpose?
  • Scottie I hope that you somehow find a way to let go of your own past.
Marty Why Does My Ex Want To Hurt Me So Much?
  • Jerrod Let me let you in on a little secret. Life is a daily struggle until someone helps me but your words are inspiring, thank you.
William The Truth About The Girl That Acts Like She Doesn’t Care
  • Emilio I was married to a man who cheated constantly. Does she secretly want to be with you? Then one day I discover that she is posting pictures with some guy on social media.
  • Valentin She told me that she will remember all the beautiful memories we had and would measure other guys up to how I spoiled her. My wife of 20 years just up and told me that she was leaving me because she was unhappy and needed to think about things for awhile.
Emile Why is she hurting me on purpose?
  • Eddie You're the one who will have to carry that burden, either way.
  • Ken Anyhow, I felt no respect there anymore, and took 4 months to heal my back injury as I couldn't put myself in a situation where I'd have to put myself in harms way to prove I was tough. And the horror of it is that it reaches to the highest levels of government and society.
Jeremiah She Hurt Me
  • Cory Hey man, Not sure how old this post is.
  • Patrick I had never been one to ask for favors, I asked for it because I really needed it.
Scotty Ex girlfriend hurt me so bad! Why did she do this? I'm losing it.
  • Marquis But the worst part is she did accuse me of false allegations.
Deon Ex girlfriend hurt me so bad! Why did she do this? I'm losing it.
  • Delmar What were your true feelings regarding this incident? I'm also extremely social yet over these past years I have never experienced such loneliness as with being in my house with 2 other people.
  • Rico Can you ever forgive me for hurting you like that? They will respect you for your maturity. If there are regular members on here than you will know what has happened to me but if you arent then please check my other topics in the 'Love' forum, thanks! It has to be about her getting what she wants, not you getting what you want so you can feel better about yourself again.
Ronald Why is she hurting me on purpose?
  • Donnell Many decades ago in San Francisco, I administered to a minister who had raped each of his four daughters.
Gail How to Make a Girl Feel Guilty: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
  • Earle The faith is perfect, people are not. People who hold me accountable, probably wouldn't be believers, to begin with.
Scottie Why That Person Who Hurt You Will Never Apologize
  • Reginald Tim has won a handful of awards and has earned a master's in Strategic Communication and Innovation from Tech as well. The reason why I write this is because I want to help those people across the globe who goes through this same similar patterns.
  • Rafael People won't do anything to you that you don't invite them to do.
Laverne She Broke My Heart, But I Still Love Her
  • Jake Hi Anon - just wondering if I can help you figure this one out. My ex and I have been broken up for 3 weeks.
  • Faustino After she broke up with her ex, the guy blocked her everywhere, but two weeks later he reappeared. After I felt better physically, I didn't find any reason to call them back.
Douglas How To Tell Her She Hurt You
  • Alexander I personally am not a Christian, so I have no personal stake in this other than not liking double standards.
  • Mark So here are some steps you can take to deal with new situations.