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Alberto Battle (South Korean band)
  • Damon They don't take life as a cycle, but treat it as their runway. Lee first started his solo act in 2003 when Shinhwa was on hiatus.
Sam Andy Lee (South Korean singer)
  • Jerrold She debuted in 2007 as a member of the South Korean girl group Wonder Girls.
  • Stephan The album debuted and peaked at No. On February 13, 2014, the group announced that they would hold their 16th Anniversary Concert on March 22—23, 2014 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.
Vernon Everything You Need to Know About Shinhwa Member Eric Mun (Full Profile, Wedding, and Filmography)
  • Stevie He was born out of wedl ock and was raised by his Grandmother. Shinhwa Company was be headed by members Eric and Lee Minwoo, while the remaining members, Shin Hyesung, Kim Dongwan, Junjin, and Andy became key shareholders.
  • Grover The awards other than Best Artist of the Year included Best Male Artist, Best Dance Artist, and Overseas Choice Award. On January 11, 2010, Andy enlisted for mandatory military service and was the only member to serve 21 months of active duty.
Stevie Shinhwa member profiles
  • Jennifer We will post more information as we get it. Some of his work includes Phoenix 2004 , Super Rookie 2005 and Another Oh Hae-young 2016.
Nicholas Shinhwa Profile
  • Harley He is aSouth Korean singer and actor, known as the leader and rapper of six-member boy band Shinhwa and his lead roles in Korean dramas The Phoenix and Super Rookie. However, his parents pulled their support for him join H.
  • Leonardo They made their debut on February 27, 2020 with the mini album Into the Ice Age.
Jeff Shinhwa member profiles
  • Tristan He himself, as the main vocalist, became a part of the group through street casting in Los Angeles and marked the creation of Shinhwa by being the first member included in the group.
Orlando Who Has a Girlfriend in Shinhwa?
  • Clyde Shinhwa is a six member boy band. Recently, I download all their concert tour in different country and I saw their bonding together how they treat each other as siblings.
Rusty Battle (South Korean band)
  • Carol They met together at the beginning of 2014, but soon their affection with each other increased rapidly with the passage of time. The album debuted at 1 and sold approximately 215,641 copies domestically.
Leonardo Get Closer to Shinhwa Member Shin Hye
  • Issac He graduated from Dongguk University where he majored in Theater and Film in 2005. The drama is expected to be broadcast in March 2020.
  • Gregory He is not only a lead rapper but is also a lead dancer as well as a vocalist.