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  • Ellis And Old Imagination for Sugar Man 2 they were cheated out of this win because they were the best.
  • Elliott The group's first world tour, , spanned from June 2013 to February 2014 and consisted of ten concerts in seven Asian countries. Girls' Generation attending the 2010 Girls' Generation's second studio album, , was released in January 2010.
Elvis SNSD Focusing On Solo Albums In 2016; First Tiffany, Then Taeyeon : kpop
  • Delmar They released their debut single album, Lil' Touch, on September 5. After releasing three singles in Japan, their debut was released in June 2011.
  • Berry The group's signature musical styles are characterized as and , though their sounds have varied widely, incorporating various genres including , , and. .
Monty SNSD Focusing On Solo Albums In 2016; First Tiffany, Then Taeyeon : kpop
  • Randall Taeyeon and Sunny cut their hair as well, which fans lead to the idea of the change of hairstyle are in preparation for a comeback. The following week, the group's position on the chart rose to number 22.
  • Emilio A repackaged version titled The Boys was released in December 2011 and peaked at number five on the Oricon Albums Chart.
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  • Sal Open Audition, in which Hyoyeon danced for her audition. Moreover, Taeyeon's recent post, which is an image of 'sushi,' was related by fans to 'soshi,' which is the nickname of Girls' Generation's fandom.
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  • Jackson It is their body so it is their choice and you have no right to bash them for that.
  • Coy On New Year's Day of 2013, the group released their fourth Korean studio album titled , and held an special television program,. Other images should be posted in or.
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  • Orval It'll be difficult, but I haven't seen any reason given that would actually stop them from making a comeback. Their success has influenced various K-pop girl groups of the new generation, including , , and.
  • Timothy I get that she was forced out when she started her own business, but how is Jessica wanting to do her own thing much different then Seohyun, Tiffany and Sooyoung wanting to do their own things? Korea Economic Daily in Korean. They are one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of all times.
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  • Kendrick In South Korea, they are credited as the lead female group that shifted the public's focus back to female idols after the Korean music industry experienced an influx of male idol groups from 2002 to 2007.
  • Cesar Girls' Generation's third Japanese studio album, , was released in December 2013.
Kelvin in the future, 10th anniversary comeback teasers.
  • Sterling If you dislike a group, ignore threads about them. Also Tiffany was part of the group Unnies during her Sister Slam Dunk time with their debut track Shut Up.
Edwin Jessica leaving vs Tiffany, Seohyun and Sooyoung leaving : SNSD
  • Carey Girls' Generation continued to promote as an eight-member group thereafter.
  • Bernard In 2011 and 2012, the members of Girls' Generation combined were the South Korean celebrities who shot the most number of commercials. To me, Tiffany was here last week and I'm thinking that Snsd reunion was a meeting probably about their future as a group so anything is possible.
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  • Jarrod Titles entirely in Korean will be removed. Lyrics and themes Although most Girls' Generation's releases are written by songwriters for S.
  • Danial Yoona was cast the following year through the 2002 S. They charted at numbers four and 30 on the Gaon Digital Chart, respectively.
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  • Neal Once she got a sweet hug from him.
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  • Edmond Korea Music Content Industry Association.
  • Perry This strengthens the claim of netizens that the post was probably an update of a future schedule together with the group.