Top disney princes. Top 10 Most Favourite Disney Princes

Sheldon The 38 Best Disney
  • Damion This sidekick duo is probably one of the most memorable. The film made four times the amount in ticket sales.
Mathew A Definitive Ranking Of 72 Disney Princess Outfits
  • Christian Anna is a really funny and cute Disney princess.
  • Ned He is also the first Disney hero who are not born with royal blood.
Nathan Every Disney Princess Ranked From Most Worthless To Most Powerful
  • Saul Mostly though, Ariel had the best songs. Tell us who you think the strongest Disney princess is in the comments! Set in medieval Scotland, Merida is definitely the most Tom-boyish princess in the Disney universe.
Darrin List of Disney Princesses
  • Monte Even though the Atlanteans as a race are victimized in the movie, Kida herself is not a victim.
  • Rickey She proves that hard work and determination can get you where you need to be.
Jerome Top 10 Disney Princesses: The Good, The Better And The Best
  • Alberto But she doesn't really want to, except to see the lanterns.
  • Jesus Then back in town, Maurice tries to get the townspeople to help him rescue his daughter, but nobody believes that she has been taken by this fictional beast.
Galen List of Disney Princesses
  • Clair Based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan during the Han dynasty and an invasion of the Huns, Mulan begins with the daughter of Fa Zhou trying to show her family honor be becoming the perfect daughter and winning the heart of an available suitor. Let's start with the good: Pocahontas is a strong woman who desires her own path in life, despite what has been carved out for her by her father.
Antony All of the Disney Princesses, Ranked
  • Romeo When it comes to being a Disney princess , there are plenty of qualities they all have in common: kindness, bravery, and the ability to stand up for others. Sure, Cinderella is a hard worker, forges a bond with cute little animals, and exhibits grace against devastating hardships and losses, but the fact that she supposedly falls head over heels pun intended with her prince after a single dance with him is a hard pill to swallow.
  • Wilson She had her run of the castle, conversing with the enchanted furniture and changing the day-to-day operations.
Hubert Every Disney Princess Ranked From Most Worthless To Most Powerful
  • Antonio Vanellope von Schweetz seems like the opposite of a princess. Jasmine Aladdin One of the best things about Jasmine is that she refused to be a prize to be won or have her life dictated to her by the men in her life.
  • Lucien Tell us who you think the strongest Disney princess is in the comments! My main problem with Anna is that, again, she's very overpromoted. Mulan put in the effort to train with a group of men, never revealing that she was a woman, earning their respect over time.
Arturo The Definitive Ranking Of The Official Disney Princes
  • Vito She is really brave and has an attitude without looking like a bratty teenager. Belle also was a determined and brave woman.
Caleb List of all Disney Princesses and why we love them [Updated for 2019]
  • Margaret She wants to open her own restaurant as a means of fulfilling her late father's dream of becoming a restaurateur.