Types of birth defects. Data & Statistics on Birth Defects

Earle Types of Birth Defects
  • Norbert For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.
Emile Birth Defects: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis
  • Hugh Physical abnormalities can be fixed using surgeries depending on their complexity.
  • Marcelo Viewed December 10, 2016; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nutrition Both maternal malnutrition and obesity increase the risk of birth defects.
Damon 9 Birth Defects and Their Symptoms and Treatments
  • Elmo Birth defects associated with paternal exposures are termed paternal-mediated birth defects or male-mediated teratogenesis.
Carmen Birth Defects Research and Resources — The Collaborative on Health and the Environment
  • Gerry Beta-blockers Beta-blockers are oral medications used to treat. It is known to cause a lot of pain since the cells might end up blocking other blood vessels and reduce oxygen supply.
Linda Common Tests During Pregnancy
  • Dino While generally mild in adults, rubella can have a much greater impact on an embryo. Infants born with this neural tube defect die at birth or shortly after.
Antony Common Types of Heart Defects
  • Loyd Thereafter, tests might be conducted on the baby and required measures might be formulated.
Chase Birth Defects: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis
  • Efren Serious heart defects are outwardly detectable and, if left untreated, can cause congestive heart failure, in which the heart becomes incapable of pumping enough blood to the lungs or other parts of the body. Fetal heart rate monitoring is a method of checking the rate and rhythm of the fetal heartbeat.
Maurice Common Types of Heart Defects
  • Odell Younger, caucasian women are at a higher risk of having a baby with digestive problems. The ultrasound transducer glides over the gel on the abdomen to create the image.
  • Jessica The primary health care provider can coordinate the special care that the child needs. However, during your pregnancy, taking certain medications or contracting various infections or viruses increase the risk.
Norris Types of Birth Defects
  • Salvatore Can Birth Defects Be Prevented? After 18 weeks gestation, the risk of birth defects is reduced except from much larger doses of radiation.
  • Rafael Temporary swelling or bruising may occur. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part C: Seminars in Medical Genetics.
Booker Common Birth Defects: Causes, Signs, Risks & Treatment
  • Dustin Recent progress in diagnosis and treatment surgery and heart catheterization makes it possible to fix most defects, even those once thought to be hopeless.
  • Pedro With parents' permission, babies are tested after birth to screen for certain birth defects that need to be treated. Though children with Down syndrome have some degree of mental retardation, most can be expected to do many of the same things that any young child can do -- including , , and being toilet trained -- although generally they learn how to do so later than unaffected children.
Jackie Types of Birth Defects
  • Armando Dislocation can happen in one or both hips and tends to affect girls more often than boys.
Franklin Birthmark Types, Causes, Risks and Pictures
  • Dennis Which ultrasound imaging techniques are available? Parents who have concerns about another specific birth defect might be able to have their baby tested for it. To date, medical science has identified thousands of different birth defects, ranging in severity from very minor to life-threatening.
  • Leonel Iodine is also one of the most important minerals required by a fetus for brain and cognitive development, and even a moderate deficiency can cause deficits. These substances build up and destroy brain cells, resulting in blindness, paralysis and death by age five.