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Reed Rift
  • Ernest She received acclaim for her part as a suicidal nurse in 1943.
  • Dorian Lake had a relatively minor role in a film produced by , also 1945 , co starring Sonny Tufts; Lake was top billed but her part was smaller than Joan Caulfield.
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  • Gregorio She also appeared as an extra in a number of movies.
Wayne Veronica Lake
  • George Veronica Lake's image was used as a sight gag in the movie 1942 with Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland. In the 2013, posthumously released autobiography by writes about his teenage friendship with Lake.
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  • Steven I think I'll enjoy being fussed about. However, Lake did not think this meant she would have a long career and maintained her goal was to be a surgeon.
  • Walker Lake was best known for her roles in with during the 1940s and her peek-a-boo hairstyle.
Gregory Veronica Black (Author of A Vow of Silence)
  • Kurtis When Snape requested information on her actual birth parents he received plenty of information on Sirius Black, but no information on her mother.
  • Leopoldo Lake and Detlie separated in August 1943 and divorced in December 1943.
Frank Veronica Black Obituary
  • Arturo A middle aged recluse psychologist who has stopped practicing years ago decides to take the case of Veronica, a young woman who's treatment was mysteriously interrupted by the Psychologists old professor, who has disappeared.
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  • Olin Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, Montpelier, Vermont.
  • Tristan In October 1955, she collapsed in Detroit, where she had been appearing on stage in The Little Hut. Of course, she did this secretly, meeting up with Hermione in the library and telling her tips on how to get around the different obstacles she might face.
Mel Rift
  • Ignacio Twitter: She joined Twitter in November 2013.
Clifton Veronika Black
  • Stevie Her final screen role was in a low-budget horror film, 1970.
Otto Veronica Black Obituary
  • Nicole I was too focused on the picture to say something. Production was delayed, enabling Lake to be reunited with Ladd in again 1942 , replacing.
Garth Veronika Black
  • Jed She made only one film in the 1950s, but made several on television.