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  • Felix Obviously, Bella survived her Transition, although who her blood partner was to see her through the event has never been revealed in the novel text.
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  • Teddy She learned Rehv was still alive when she overheard the discussion about rescuing him and Z took her aside to explain the situation. Therefore, Jessica Bird, or J.
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  • Steve He later added body piercings, possibly because he liked the pain. Wrath, who is often referred to as the Blind King, is the King of the Vampires and the last pure-blood vampire in existence.
  • Glen Ellis, and Hard Blow by Stella Lang.
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  • Loren When John Matthew's Vampire heritage was revealed to both Bella and Mary, Bella had to make the decision to tell Mary the truth about Vampires.
  • Nick Bella knew this didn't make his memories or his conditioning go away, however. I love both, but Z still my favorite.
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  • Jeremiah The sequel will be set as the twelfth book in the series and it will be aptly be titled The King. Ten years into the future~ Saxton and Ruhn's love of each other continues to grow stronger while the War carries on.
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  • Sean Rhage volunteered but Qhuinn vetoed that since Rhage is a mated Brother. In a roundabout way, he told Bella that in giving him a reason to want to be better earning back her love , she had saved him.
  • Benjamin On the night of the raid, he was not the one who got to kill Naasha, but he did get to take a flamethrower to the house. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: da1a89496c27802b53398671beac3e5b This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.
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  • Shane Because his care of Bella was so out of character for him, Phury was instructed to watch over him and developed feelings for Bella as well. Roomies, best friends, Brothers, or lovers? We do not own any of the images unless stated otherwise.
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  • Alan This promotion cannot be applied to past orders. He discovered that the young had been sold into slavery and even if he found the slaver who sold his son, there were too many children being sold to distinguish Zsadist from the others.
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  • Dion A fearless fighter although deep inside, he is slowly losing his own fight. Your profession was writer, dramatist, and organizer of rituals.